Mammoth Cave National Park


Central Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park is a place of preservation, keeping the world's longest known cave system (400+ miles of currently explored terrain) open to present and future generations of visitors, explorers and hardcore spelunkers, alike. Established as a national park in 1941, Mammoth became a World Heritage Site forty years later, and an international Biosphere Reserve nine years after that, in 1990. 53,000 acres of land, above and below, make up the park's vastness which led to its name.


Camping is offered in three developed playgrounds and over a dozen backcountry locations, as well as along the Nolin and Green Rivers. Horseback riders are welcome to traverse sixty miles of trails lying north of the Green River.

Price range

The majority of park resources and facilities are available free of charge. Fees for cave tours range from $2.50 to $23.00, depending on age, type of tour, and other variables. Fees for camping ranges from $6.00 to $30.00, depending on age and type/location of campground.

Best time to visit

The park is generally open from November through mid-March;click here to confirm operating dates and hours.

Near by POI

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