Six Flags St. Louis


Located in Eureka, Missouri, Six Flags St. Louis has been thrilling guests for over forty years with thrillseeker favorites and all-age rides galore. Batman The Ride shoots riders through endless twists and loops over a recreation of Gotham City, and the Screamin' Eagle provides the timeless pleasures and adrenalizing thrills of a classic wooden roller coaster, with ten-story drops added for a modern touch. The Tsunami Soaker lets "kids" of all ages battle it out with water cannons, and the Foghorn Leghorn National Park Railway provides riders big and small with a mellow forest tour on tiny tracks.


The SkyScreamer spins riders 43 miles an hour around a 23-story tower for dizzy thrills. Xcalibur is a medieval-themed thrill ride that simultaneously spins, rolls and flips riders (safely) through the air. The Rush Street Flyer is a trolley car that swoops and swings back and forth on huge mechanical "arms."

Price range

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The park is open seasonally, usually beginning in May. Click here to confirm park schedule.

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Unlike some other Six Flags parks, admission to sister-park Hurricane Harbor is included with your ticket to the primary park.