Six Flags New England


Six Flags New England is less than three miles from Springfield, Massachusetts, and boasts loads of rides not found at its "sister" parks, such as the 115-foot twisting drops of the Mind Eraser, the interweaving tracks of Flashback, the family-friendly rafts of the Swiss Family Toboggan, and callback classics like the Stampede Bumper Cars.


The New England SkyScreamer is "the tallest swing ride on the planet," according to the Six Flags folks, and will surely do what the name promises. Cyclone is an iconic, classic wooden roller coaster with plenty of thrills, drops, and twists. Catwoman's Whip sends riders, big and little, whizzing around a whip-shaped track.

Price range

Rates for Individual Tickets and Season Passes can be found here.

Best time to visit

The park is open seasonally, from mid-April to the end of October.Click here to confirm park schedule.

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